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You don’t choose your bias, your bias chooses you…

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right now this unrelated thing is breaking my heart




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@ people calling yixing fake for not supporting kris like he’s supporting luhan: it’s because they all already knew, luhan told his members that he was leaving and i assume they understood his decision.

I’m pretty sure they knew about Kris… there was a…

We will never know what exactly happened thats for sure… Maybe he didn’t tell them exactly when he was leaving but i am sure they knew he wanted to leave. They’re a group, they practically live together as siblings, if they knew he wasn’t happy and was struggling why would they turn on him ? Aren’t they like brothers ? I’m not saying Kris did right either, his timing sucked, but to go up against SM it was the best…

All I’m saying is that I’d always seen them as a super close group, specially after EXO SHOWTIME. Even they commented on how much Kris struggled alone in korea & they all struggled with the way SM treats them. Knowing all of this, why did they judge him so harshly ? Luhan did what people see as “right” because he learned from Kris’s situation.
Thats why I saw as sort of faking that super close relationship. Look at Luhan… he’s even using Kris’s same lawyer… im pretty sure they kept in contact, baekhyun also took a long time before unfollowing kris…

Im sorry if this is long and all over the place, my thoughts are really just every where. I really became a hard core Exo-L, specially after seeing them live as 12 and it kinda hurts to see them separating like this with their relationship this bad and that i might never get a other chance to see them as 12 again…

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